Bridging China was established in 2005.  We have experienced steady growth in the past seven years.  Our focus is on developing high-quality products and services at affordable prices . Once an order is placed with us, we provide you with 100% support to insure that your order is to your specification and your shipment arrives on time.


  • In the past seven years, Bridging China has built a solid reputation for high quality products and service.  Our product defective rate is substantially lower than the average level for China made pool products.
  • Our quality engineers are responsible for the complete inspection of all of our products.  Our inspections include; incoming quality control, production process control, and random inspections before shipments depart the factories.  As required, our quality engineers stay at the manufacturing locations for production supervision and shipment inspections.
  • Complete inspection reports are available for all of our shipments.  These reports are available to our customers for shipment/order reference.


Product Development & Sourcing

  • R & D:  We have a highly trained staff of engineers to assist our customers in developing new and innovative products. We welcome the challenge! 
  • Sourcing:  We have extensive sourcing capabilities throughout mainland China. We have a network of over 12 China factories with capabilities to manufacture a wide range of products.



Technical Support

  • We provide engineering support and consultation for new product development.
  • We provide engineering support regarding certification and chemical compliance.
  • We provide engineering support for our products regarding proper installation and usage.
  • Once your shipment arrives, we are there to assist you regarding any questions that may come up regarding your order.



  • We have a fully staffed graphic design department. Our design abilities include private label design, package design, color box design, marketing sell sheet, and advertising support services.
  • There is no charge for this service to our customers!


On-Time Delivery

  • We pride ourselves on our On Time order delivery record.  You can be assured that when your orders are placed with Bridging China, your order will arrive on time as specified.
  • We utilize only the most reliable freight forwarders and shipping partners. 
  • We realize that each and every order placed needs to arrive On Time and be available to your customers. We are there to insure that this happens!


Why can we guarantee our service?

  • We have solid relationships with our suppliers due to the long term partnerships with them. In return, priorities are given to all of our orders, so we can better control delivery dates.
  • We assign an engineer and a project manager to insure your order is correct and to track each of your orders.
  • In addition to our corporate office in Shanghai, we have offices in both France and the U.S.A.  These offices were established to provide fast and efficient support to our customers for urgent needs while our China office is closed.
  • As a result of the above, we respond to our customer’s questions and needs within 24 hours, no exceptions.
  • Claims/warranties - Our philosophy is “We won’t guarantee we won’t make any mistakes, but we guarantee we will pay for our mistakes”.